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Bahasa Malaysia: It’s the voice of all Malaysians

November 7, 2008


The love for Bahasa Malaysia as the national language and a foundation of the national character should be reinforced in the face of challenges in the globalisation era.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek who was spotted at the opening the Malaysian Citrawangsa Awards 2008, Friday night said:

“We want to build a country and the Malaysian race according to our own mould and become a Malaysian make-up,”

“Bahasa Malaysia is evolving through the process of enhancement like the American English which has gone through the evolution process for hundreds of years,”

The language represents the beauty of a nation. It is the medium of ideas that we manifest to the world so we can understand. The world can learn. We can share.

The culture and the nature of us, Malaysians are sculptered around our language. It’s the language that we personalized in common. Sure we may have different dialects and slangs, but that are some parts of it that make it even more special.

Bahasa Malaysia is a reflection of who we are, where we from, what we are.

If the Americans speak English and claimed proudly that they are speaking American- English, so why can’t we?

Be proud. You have nothing to lose. Bahasa Malaysia is our language of unity, freedom and harmony. Be proud of it. It’s a heritage that we shall preserve for as long as mankind can speak. Be proud to be Malaysian. ๐Ÿ˜‰



TodayMalaysia: Unity and Trust

July 8, 2008

TodayMalaysia holds the idea of unity and trust.

Most of the Americans do not trust their government and president. They are now fighting wars over lands they do not own. They die over the hands of true fighters. They die to fight something that only the politicians believe. They die because they failed to unite.

Mugabe does not trust his people nor his oppositions. They are fighting each other. They who have same colored skin destroying each other over corruption and such. The land is still poor. Will Zimbabwe unite and stop the madness?

Russians trust their leaders. They believes in Lenin, Stalin, Putin and now Medvedev. Once a down fall of a communist nation, now a fast building up democracy country. The people celebrate victory day. They celebrate their women. They celebrate their men. They are well celebrated people. They are united.

Malaysia need to trust their vote. Malaysia need to trust their people. Malaysia need to trust their government and leaders. WE MUST UNITE. Tell the truth, share good news, celebrate joy, love to be happy, work for pride, praise success and we’ll make it.

WAWASAN 2020. Dateline: 12 years. We can make that happen.

“The things in the world do not make us anything. We make them. We are the ones who make the differences to the world” – the jewel of MYJ

Malaysian artistes for unity

May 29, 2008

Malaysian artistes for unity. Video and song of pure message : Here in my home.

Lets celebrate the true joy of being Malaysian. Take the differences, make them into something strong that we can cheerish about.

There’s a boy, there’s a girl and they fall in love together. Two different gender celebrating their differences.

So much differences, so much joy, so much to share about, so much passion to be proud of. We are Malaysians. Make way for unity. For all that we know, LOVE is all around.

ps- for video, please click icedlemontea or log straight to malaysian artistes for unity under lifestyle link.