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General election 13

May 7, 2013

It has been couple of days now since the day of reckoning. I feel things is never going to be quite the same anymore. Mahathir’s son becoming the next MB of Kedah. We saw that coming. Nurul Izzah, daughter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. That was no shocker. Ibrahim Ali. It was his time to go. Najib won, Anwar won, Husam lost, and so on. After 22 years, Nik Aziz called it off. Who’s next for that vacant seat? Selangor, who’s going to have that MB seat now? So many things you can talk about Malaysian politics nowadays from inedible ink of SPR until Bangladesh. I gotta go to work now. My patients needs me. I am no political leader but i love all my patients and i care for them. I hope all these leaders elected can have this same feeling and passionate towards their people. I love Malaysia.