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Double Face Anwar

July 1, 2010

He is not a Minister, he is not a UN member, he is not a businessman.

Why the hell is he in the States? Fighting for gay rights?

Visitting friends? Oh sure, you can be friended jews and pro- israel terrorists but you can’t be friended with your own race counterparts?

Anwar Ibrahim is nobody and yet he can fly across continents, hire expensives lawyers and lawbreakers, friends with jews and “touch-N-go” with what’s his name.

His friend Raja Petra is somewhere not in Malaysia taking refugee, if you are right why be afraid? If you making stuff up, then yeah.. no wonder you’re running away leaving no trace.

Saiful said Anwar fucked him, Anwar said no, no, no i didn’t fucked him, no, no, no!

Anwar Ibrahim is a complete package: Straight, gay, in front, in the ass, jews friendly, usa friendly, malaysian governent non-friendly, imam, father, sodomizer, ex-con, self poisoned with arsenic in prison, if Malaysia is in a financial crisis IMF is not his last resort.. it’s his first choice! His only choice.

He wants to bring down the country to bring himself up. He wants, he always wanted to be the prime minister. We all know that. We know, when you want something really bad, you’ll do everything to get it.

That’s what Anwar Ibrahim’s doing. While he’s doing that, collateral damage is everywhere. The riots, Malays are divided into groups, Chinese are divided into groups, Indians are divided into groups and these shameful events happen when we wanted unity so bad.

Anwar Ibrahim is a bad seed. A smart one tho. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU! Anwar Ibrahim, that sneaky double face man…


Mocking Pak Lah: Anwar “berpantang di cabar”!!

July 9, 2008

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has challenged PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to solve the matter either through mubahalah (malediction) or take oath in front of ulamaks (religious figures).

In an e-mail sent to TV3 which was aired during the station’s Buletin programme yesterday, Mohd Saiful said: “The truth will prevail. Falsehood will surely be exposed.”

The former aide to Anwar also described the sodomy issue as personal between them.

Mohd Saiful said he does not blame the rakyat and hoped that they would be calm and accept the fact with an open heart.

“I take all criticisms with an open heart. As a victim, I have the right to get protection,” he said.

He ended the e-mail by challenging Anwar to set the time and date to solve the matter through mubahalah.

“Just inform me of the time and date. I am not afraid to keep my promise,” he added.

The challenge is posted at the popular Friendster website at

The webpage can be accessed through his fiancee’s blog, Janna Mohd Zaki- ‘A Step in My Pink Mary Janes’.

(as reported by thestar)

ps- my vote is private. my sex life is private. well, if you do it all using the ‘front door’. that’s alright.

my advise to Anwar: once you ‘enter’ the ‘back door’, you should be smart enough to find the ‘exit’ last time in 1998. in 2008, it’s just too late.

Who believes Saiful’s sodomy accusation to be true?

July 5, 2008

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said Friday he believed the sodomy accusation made by a former aide of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim aide to be true.

“I am not surprised Anwar has been accused again for sodomy,” he said in a statement here.

Mukhriz said Anwar, in making wild accusations about others now, was actually trying to divert people’s attention from the sodomy issue.

The Jerlun MP said the fact that Anwar initially “ran” into the Turkish Embassy here, was itself an admission of guilt.

Mukriz said he was not also surprised by the U.S State Department’s warning not to take action against Anwar.

After all, he said, as the President of the Foundation of the Future, Anwar received a US$35 million (RM100 million) grant from the State Department.

“This proves Anwar has more than a normal relationship with the U.S government,” he added.(BERNAMA)

ps- my friend said that he doesn’t believe Anwar did it with Saiful. He continued, “I think Anwar could have done it better with some other dude.. After all, his wife didn’t leave him. He must be a really “bad boy” doing it both ways.. Anwar is definitely not straight nor gay! He’s something in between..” We laughed.

How Saiful met Anwar?

June 30, 2008

Saiful, who’s gay, decides to go out for a good time and ends up at a gay bar. There he meets an attractive middle-age man named Anwar who he talks to all evening. When the night comes to an end Anwar invites him over to his place.
They get in Anwar’s car, a pink stretch Proton Perdana V6, and proceed to leave the parking lot. Yet Saiful is quite concerned when Anwar repeatedly smashes into parked cars as they are leaving the lot. Once they reach Anwar’s place, again Anwar looks around and proceeds to smash into parked cars as he’s parking his.

As they got out of the car Anwar asked, “So Saiful, do you like my feminine side?”