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Reaction towards Datuk T.Murugiah over compulsory public service for doctors

January 27, 2010

Govt may extend compulsory public service for doctors

PUTRAJAYA: The Government proposes to extend the compulsory public service for doctors to five or 10 years from the current three to overcome the annual shortage of doctors in its hospitals, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah said Wednesday.

“Doctors should not only think about profit. They also have to think about the country’s interests — your contribution to the country,” he said.

taken from theStar

Datuk T. Murugiah is proposing a proposal which could see more doctors flying and migrating away from Malaysia. Imagine all the hard working hours and over(when i say over, it means too much) times and ridiculous treatment by the senior doctors.

Instead saying something which could make you win another term in the government office and lose more doctors to private sectors and to other countries (who pay and treat them better), why don’t you start to contribute to the country instead of chasing the big bucks for yourself!

You know the problem. Don’t solve a problem by making more problems. I give you a hint. We are humans, and humans love 3 things.

1. Money, 2. Sexual partner, 3. High positions

I ask you Datuk T. Murugiah. Would you sacrifice your position now and work long hours like any other labour? Would you want to spend less time with your wife(or affairs?) and family than it already is to work the job that giving you emotional stress and spending too much time with other strangers loved ones than your own? Would you settle for the Ringgits that you have right now, or would you run towards the windows which are always open for a better life not just for you, but also for your family.

Laws are meant to be broken, T. Murugiah. If this door closed, there are always other ones opened. It’s your move, just make sure you dont ‘check-mate’ at the wrong decision.

Please think of other proposals, pick the one that is best for all, not just for you to save you another term in that office of yours, okay?

Malaysia don’t have many doctors? You may lose more!


Health Ministry Drawing Better Scheme Of Service For Doctors

May 31, 2008

The Health Ministry is drawing up a better scheme of service and remuneration to retain doctors in the government service and to check the “brain drain” to the private sector.

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said an average of 300 doctors and 50 specialists on grades UD41, UD44 and UD48 resigned from the government service every year, citing unsatisfactory salary, heavy workload and unhappy with working environment.

“The ministry is fully aware of the doctors’ shortage and the “brain drain” to the private sector. I assure you that we are not keeping still about this.

“For example, the issue on allowances for specialists and better promotion prospects for them are being seriously studied by the ministry and a decision is expected soon.

“I assure you the ministry will announce the good news soon,” he said at the 48th Malaysia Medical Association annual dinner.

Liow said the ministry recommended that allowances for specialists be reviewed as an incentive to doctors to remain in the public sector.

It was also proposed that the revision of the allowance should cover related disciplines such as dental and public health.

The last review was about 20 years ago.

To woo more doctors to serve in the remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak, Liow said Health Services director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican was looking into the hardship allowance for doctors serving in the interior.

Liow said the ministry was also working closely with Sarawak state government to review existing regulations to allow doctors from Peninsular Malaysia to set up their private practice in the state.

“My first task is to convey the Malaysian Medical Association’s concerns that Peninsular Malaysia doctors be allowed to work freely in Sarawak.

“We hope the close collaboration between the ministry and the state government will resolve the problem as soon as possible,” he said.

Liow also said the ministry was negotiating with the Public Service Department for a better scheme of service for junior doctors.

“A house officer who has completed two years training and has undergone the mandatory induction course and related requirements will be automatically promoted from UD41 to UD 44 in the third year of their career.

“At the same time, the welfare of the current UD41 medical officers appointed before 2008 will also not be forgotten.

They will benefit through appropriate adjustments to their grades,” he said.