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Double Face Anwar

July 1, 2010

He is not a Minister, he is not a UN member, he is not a businessman.

Why the hell is he in the States? Fighting for gay rights?

Visitting friends? Oh sure, you can be friended jews and pro- israel terrorists but you can’t be friended with your own race counterparts?

Anwar Ibrahim is nobody and yet he can fly across continents, hire expensives lawyers and lawbreakers, friends with jews and “touch-N-go” with what’s his name.

His friend Raja Petra is somewhere not in Malaysia taking refugee, if you are right why be afraid? If you making stuff up, then yeah.. no wonder you’re running away leaving no trace.

Saiful said Anwar fucked him, Anwar said no, no, no i didn’t fucked him, no, no, no!

Anwar Ibrahim is a complete package: Straight, gay, in front, in the ass, jews friendly, usa friendly, malaysian governent non-friendly, imam, father, sodomizer, ex-con, self poisoned with arsenic in prison, if Malaysia is in a financial crisis IMF is not his last resort.. it’s his first choice! His only choice.

He wants to bring down the country to bring himself up. He wants, he always wanted to be the prime minister. We all know that. We know, when you want something really bad, you’ll do everything to get it.

That’s what Anwar Ibrahim’s doing. While he’s doing that, collateral damage is everywhere. The riots, Malays are divided into groups, Chinese are divided into groups, Indians are divided into groups and these shameful events happen when we wanted unity so bad.

Anwar Ibrahim is a bad seed. A smart one tho. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU! Anwar Ibrahim, that sneaky double face man…


It’s hot in here, must be summer!

June 13, 2010

It’s a peaceful country we live in, ain’t it? So hot, it’s literally summer all year long. Well, until some of us complain that it is too hot, and the rain comes and never stop, and flood everywhere being the highlights in the local news. I had enough of expressing negative words to the world. Why don’t we all just live happy, treat people nicely and others will treat you nicely in return believe it or not.

McDonald’s sponsoring World Cup 2010, and Coca- cola too. I don’t think we want to ban world cup, am I wrong? Hurm… So how can we show our efforts to help the helpless Palestinians?

I pray and hope for peace not only for my own country but also for all mankind. We can spread the word pro- peace for Gaza instead of anti- Israel. The more rage we show, the more it benefits the oppositions. They can say we are terrorists, because we did terrorized the facilities along the roads where we strikes to express our anger in much passion.

Send peace core, funds, food and lotsa love. We pro- peace, pro to bring down Israel. We bring them to court. To justice. We’ll use the system, the new world order? We’ll see how the system they built try to bring them down. That will be fun to watch.

1 Malaysia

November 16, 2009


1 Malaysia is a slogan officially purposed by Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak . 1 Malaysia is noble as it only gives good meanings, values and benefits to all.. until the corrupted minds of Pakatan Rakayat (consist of opposition parties of PAS, DAP and PKR) and Anwar Ibrahim once again trying to do what they do best to undone all the good work.


Anwar Ibrahim as gay as he always been is now the advisor of finance for the state of Selangor. As gay as it sounds, he was the finance minister of Malaysia. He was stripped and fired from that job due to corruption and gay attitude.

PAS which fooling around with Islamic faith to get votes in every general elections and by- elections stated that every member must swear in the name of God not to leave party or they will be divorced from their wives. Crazy as they always been, family ties to them seem to be so not important and well embraced like any other normal human being.

DAP are very quite at the moment as MCA is doing a relatively good effort to stabilize the party. Some might say MCA could be on a rough edge as they are internally fighting against each other.

Rumor has it that another sale is coming soon to shopping malls near you. Spend your money wisely, pay your debts and don’t forget to invest money for your future. And yes, please donate blood too.


-lotus f1 dreamer

By-election Penanti

April 28, 2009


Anwar Ibrahim is in hunger. Hungry to see his race fall. From street violance to his vision to see the government colapse, nothing could stop him, not even prison.
He was a bad ass back then, a bad ass now even. How many bad ass had been bend down over in front of him, that remains unknown. All that we know now that, he is eyeing for his next so called victory in Penanti by-election.
Clearly say, it is not a contest of fighting for what is best for the people of Penanti but rather for what is best to full-fill the appetite of Anwar’s. He has a plan. PKR wins, PKR quits and PKR must win again.

Do we really have a choice here? PKR versus BN. What’s in it for the Pakatan Rakyat? And why BN must contest when a trap is set somewhere? In my opinion, it is just another political game. Ever since.
One is trying to fool the people, poking the harmony, scratching around the democracy system that we have. The other in another hand is trying to play it safe, try not to make any wrong move as they are building around the new democratic system with their newly appointed leader. And the people, we are caught in the middle, again.

Vote or not vote, it is better to escape, pull yourselves away from the situation. Don’t get hick ups people. Have a cup of tea or do something that would make you happy rather than taking part, get stuck, be used as the puppet in Malaysia’s political game. Malaysia political scenes has reach a point where seeing your neighbor left living on the streets is worth every effort just to see the next Ketua Kampung or Penghulu is one of your kind. That sucks. It really does.They are losing spectators here. Let them.

Anwar Ibrahim Scandal: Foreplay 2009

January 7, 2009


Anwar renews pledge to topple government

Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Wednesday renewed his vow to seize power from the ruling coalition, as the two sides lock horns for a key by-election.

Anwar has laid low since failing to meet a self-imposed September 2008 deadline to unseat the Barisan Nasional government, after general elections that saw the coalition handed its worst results in half a century.

“I want to say that we in the alliance are determined to topple the Barisan Nasional coalition,” Anwar said at an opposition rally here late Tuesday that drew some supporters.

“For a start, I will help our alliance candidate from PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) obtain a big victory,” he said on the seafront of the state capital Kuala Terengganu.

And he said that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is slated to take over from Abdullah in March and is spearheading the by-election campaign, would suffer if the government loses.

“Najib is heading the Barisan Nasional machinery and if Barisan loses, it will hurt his credibility. The loss to the government will be a big blow to Najib,” he said.

The old pledge that Anwar broke

Anwar had said he would topple the government by mid-September with the help of defecting lawmakers, after elections that saw the opposition gain five states and a third of parliamentary seats in unprecedented results.

But that deadline came and went and the promised mass defections from the Barisan Nasional never materialised — underlining the dominance of the coalition which is the only government Malaysia has ever known.

Anwar’s momentum completely stalled in October when Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi agreed to stand down next March, defusing public anger at the government’s handling of the economy and failure to introduce promised reforms.

The government is now exploiting bickering within the opposition, but Anwar said the alliance was united despite disagreements over issues such as a PAS call for the introduction of Islamic “hudud” law including the stoning of adulterers.

And he said that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is slated to take over from Abdullah in March and is spearheading the by-election campaign, would suffer if the government loses.

Anwar obtained the recording of Linggam’s telephone conversation obviously for blackmailing purpose. The man responsible is in his party now. He made out that he was interested in the proper appointment of judges but actually his action was in order to seek revenge against the fourth prime minister.Now he(Anwar Ibrahim) has turned his attention to Dato Seri Najib. As usual he has found someone to make incriminating statements for him.
Anwar’s plottings. 2009, just begin.

Anwar to make ‘Bangkok’ havoc in Malaysia?

November 30, 2008


Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim assured supporters on Saturday that he was still determined to unseat the government, which foiled his bid to seize power more than two months ago.

Anwar had boasted he would be able to persuade dozens of ruling coalition lawmakers to join his opposition alliance by mid-September.

After no defections occurred, Anwar accused the government of using legal roadblocks to prevent a peaceful power transfer.

In a speech at the annual congress of his People’s Justice Party on Saturday, Anwar told more than 2 000 opposition members that the ruling National Front coalition “cannot block the will of the people(Anwar’s)”.

Political observers say it remains unclear whether Anwar ever had sufficient support to oust Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s administration, which rejected Anwar’s demands in September to discuss a voluntary power transfer or to call a special Parliament session to hold a vote on confidence in Abdullah’s leadership.

Anwar’s three-party opposition alliance won an unprecedented 82 seats in the 222-member Parliament in March elections, gaining ground as the National Front’s popularity plummeted amid racial disputes, a weak economy and corruption accusations.

Anwar reiterated his pledge to implement fair economic and social policies if the opposition takes power, but he did not set any new deadline. Malaysia’s next general elections are scheduled to be held in 2013.

“We promised change … but the change has not yet been achieved,” the former deputy prime minister said. “Our future is bright.”

Anwar’s comments came amid expectations of a small electoral battle. Deputy Education Minister Razali Ismail collapsed and died while playing badminton late on Friday, and a by-election will need to be held for his parliamentary seat.

– AP

False debate: “Hari ini Anwar tak naik, esok minyak turun”

September 17, 2008

Pak Lah had swept portfolios with Najib
Anwar’s words.. All lies… unproven!
“Free spirited” bloggers one by one got investigated by authorities
Fuel price dropped to under usd$90
That’s a good sign ain’t it?

wiseman: Remember to pay your debts, rent people.

“Pisang emas di bawa belayar, masak sebiji di atas peti”
“Hutang emas mesti di bayar, hutang budi di bawa mati!” -malaysian pantun

read the news:

Nostalgic value today

September 11, 2008

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it!”

Anwar Ibrahim is making progress, he’s in it to win it.

Will Anwar be PM? Well, that’s too much for a gay guy who’s from the religious rebelious opposition side. Not a chance. He maybe relevant, but he is not government material anymore.

Pak Lah?

We all predict he’s going to step down. The thing is, will he do it now, soon, sooner or later?

The only future for him is down in the drain where old crows belong. Forget his trip boarding KTM comuter, that’s rubbish.  Sympathy from voters, too little too late for that. Ignorant bastard.

Anwar invented chaos. Pak Lah with his relax- Lah approach.

I favour non of the above.

The olympic and the sodomy

August 9, 2008

Olympic, Beijing 2008 had just begun

Athletes from all over the world are ready to give their best

Lee Chong Wei and gangs are committed

Jalur Gemilang, Negaraku are waiting to be waved and sang

and… Anwar


Anwar Ibrahim, he is just starting to warming up.

ps- c’mon fellow Malaysians, lets support our athletes in the ‘friendly’ rivalry war of sports in Beijing. Lets watch, pray and shout for them. Hoping for our first ever gold medal. Maybe this time we shall received.

Don’t mind Anwar Ibrahim, he has Gay’s country to support him. USA have his back. Well someone always have his ‘back’ anyway. (giggles… )

Malaysia Boleh!

What economics experts had to say about Anwar’s method?

July 17, 2008

The government will incur higher expenses if it applies Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s method to reduce fuel prices.

Economics experts said the higher expenses will further burden the people and could lead to some development projects being postponed.

In last night’s fuel debate, Anwar said the fuel price could be reduced by 50 sen per litre if the Pakatan Rakyat formed the government through a formula of using RM5 billion to accomodate the price reduction.

He said the money can be got from saving on government expenditure including overcoming leakages and reducing the ‘standby capacity’ of power production of independent power producers (IPPs).

Dr Yeah Kim Leng, Rating Agency Malaysia Holdings Berhad’s group chief economist, said the government woud have to pay compensation to IPPs as they would be breaking contracts by lowering standby capacity.

“The government will have to bear the costs if contracts are broken,” he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

He said the price reductiion can be done but the government would have to cut back on other sectors to get the additional subsidy.

“It is not economically efficient…If the government wants to spend RM5 billion, they have to cut back on other areas,” he said.

Universiti Utara Malaysia’s Faculty of Economics lecturer Prof Madya Dr Mohd Zaini Abd Bakar said there was a possibility that foreign investors will be driven away if the country’s standby capacity was low.

“I do not know the terms of contracts between Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and the IPPs but if there are terms that say the contract needed to be re-newed, TNB can make a choice of not needing the IPPs as TNB has additional capacity,” he said.

He also did not deny that the government could reduce fuel price through efficient management of the country’s expenses.

“The government has to save on national expenses to cover back the fuel price reduction,” he said.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad earlier this week told the Dewan Rakyat the fuel subsidy including cash rebate paid to vehicle owners for the first six months amounted to RM10.25 billion, higher than the RM8.77 billion subsidy for the whole of last year. He said of the amount, RM4.006 billion was for petrol, RM5.056 billion for diesel and RM1.1188 billion for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

genuine news: BERNAMA