Cost Of Living Significant Increase

Responsible Malaysians make a descent living by working in a way that they can contribute to society. Irresponsible politicians talk & make unpopular moves that cause the people to suffer.

Husband should provide for the wife. He should be a leader. He should not succumb to the wife’s big fat hair. Give a man a fish, he eats it. Give a man a fishing rod, he sells it and buy the fishes from the market

One fella was walking in a world of his own made statements that he works and do so many jobs. That is odd. Does he know the difference between the word jobs and tittles? Do not drop your water face. We do not need those filthy liquids spoiling our crops.

Toll prices increased. Food price increased. Drink price increased. Land price increased. House price increased. Everything increased-LAH. But wait, world oil price reduced. Ringgit value aslo reduced. That’s weird.

We should be grateful for what we have. Malaysia still peaceful they say. Ini kali kita suffer. Esok hari kita suffer lagi. No one can change our future but ourselves. But no one say we can not vote to decide our future at the next General Election. Register. It’s our right to vote. I have my regrets but I will not settle for Nasi Lemak with NO TELOR.

tHANK you.


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