Politics Is Another Life Reality TV Show


It’s been awhile since I last wrote. My perspective towards Malaysian politcs also has changed.

I no longer take it by heart. Politic is drama. But the love for my country is still true.

Age changes my view about life. We got the raging vibe at youth & numb life as you grew senile.

Politics add the spice, the stress, the unnecessary burden in life. Whatever the politicians act, we still the same, even worse the impacted of their bad policies fall on us.

I don’t want to mumble much today as my time is precious. I do care about my country. I want Malaysians to live in peace & harmony. I won’t support politicians. I will support good policies & the good deeds that the people benefit.

We are rakyat. Yang Di Pertuan Agong is our figure head. The government servants work for him, not for Najib. Najib is working for us. Remember that.

Till next post. Regards.


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