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Reaction towards Datuk T.Murugiah over compulsory public service for doctors

January 27, 2010

Govt may extend compulsory public service for doctors

PUTRAJAYA: The Government proposes to extend the compulsory public service for doctors to five or 10 years from the current three to overcome the annual shortage of doctors in its hospitals, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah said Wednesday.

“Doctors should not only think about profit. They also have to think about the country’s interests — your contribution to the country,” he said.

taken from theStar

Datuk T. Murugiah is proposing a proposal which could see more doctors flying and migrating away from Malaysia. Imagine all the hard working hours and over(when i say over, it means too much) times and ridiculous treatment by the senior doctors.

Instead saying something which could make you win another term in the government office and lose more doctors to private sectors and to other countries (who pay and treat them better), why don’t you start to contribute to the country instead of chasing the big bucks for yourself!

You know the problem. Don’t solve a problem by making more problems. I give you a hint. We are humans, and humans love 3 things.

1. Money, 2. Sexual partner, 3. High positions

I ask you Datuk T. Murugiah. Would you sacrifice your position now and work long hours like any other labour? Would you want to spend less time with your wife(or affairs?) and family than it already is to work the job that giving you emotional stress and spending too much time with other strangers loved ones than your own? Would you settle for the Ringgits that you have right now, or would you run towards the windows which are always open for a better life not just for you, but also for your family.

Laws are meant to be broken, T. Murugiah. If this door closed, there are always other ones opened. It’s your move, just make sure you dont ‘check-mate’ at the wrong decision.

Please think of other proposals, pick the one that is best for all, not just for you to save you another term in that office of yours, okay?

Malaysia don’t have many doctors? You may lose more!


Love trumps hate

January 24, 2010

We weren’t born to hate each other. We came out of love, searching for love. It’s a beautiful thing.

“Senyuman mu penuh dengan keikhlasan,

Kain putih yang mewarnai kehidupan kami semua.”

You were a bless from God my dear.. We’ll always miss you.

Al- fatihah

On religion, one’s provoke, court ruling

January 8, 2010

Don’t let the minds of few ruled over our minds.

They manipulated their books, played around with the words, made their own versions.

For God is not a term to be played.

Your God is your God. My God is my God.

We must behave and respect. As 1Malaysia is our slogan created by few, supported by few, affected the many.

PS- People poke you around, will you sit and quiet.. or rebel and destroy?