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God loves you, but do you love yourself?

July 8, 2009


A man driving his car. A proton saga from early days edition. He put on his kopiah and white long beard. Start the engine and drive.

He must be a faithful and spiritual man. It is a 90 km/hour road and he’s driving, somewhat 30 km/hour. He was on the right side of the road.

There’s a junction to left up ahead. He still driving on the right lane. Up to the last minute, he turns left with no signal what so ever. A van was driving somewhat 50km/hour on the left lane nearly hit him. The van man was shocked. He  (the van man) honked. The man with white beard and saga still driving like he always does.

Some say, speed kills. At certain point of any stories in life, if you don’t speed up in life you might get killed. I don’t really care if the white beard man in his saga get killed but it will be a pity if the man in the van and other road users were the ones who got killed.

If you love god, and thinks god loves you too. Please love yourself and let others live.