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What do you call a muslim who drinks and mate with random women?

March 28, 2009


I suppose when you are rich and powerful, what ever your kids do doesn’t matter anymore.

As long people call you ‘Tuan”

As long people call you “Dato”

As long people call you “Tan Seri”

As long people call you “Encik YB”

Your interest is to teach other people a lesson instead of your own child, spouse, family or friends.

ps- money we can find, happiness we can persue, respect.. You gotta earn that respect. Imagine when you, sir can not shape your own child, but you tend to shape other people to live their lives the way you wanted. You sir, you don’t have balls! Man have two, but you sir don’t! You know who you are sir.. “Anak adalah amanah Tuhan”

Remember that sir!