Bahasa Malaysia: It’s the voice of all Malaysians


The love for Bahasa Malaysia as the national language and a foundation of the national character should be reinforced in the face of challenges in the globalisation era.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek who was spotted at the opening the Malaysian Citrawangsa Awards 2008, Friday night said:

“We want to build a country and the Malaysian race according to our own mould and become a Malaysian make-up,”

“Bahasa Malaysia is evolving through the process of enhancement like the American English which has gone through the evolution process for hundreds of years,”

The language represents the beauty of a nation. It is the medium of ideas that we manifest to the world so we can understand. The world can learn. We can share.

The culture and the nature of us, Malaysians are sculptered around our language. It’s the language that we personalized in common. Sure we may have different dialects and slangs, but that are some parts of it that make it even more special.

Bahasa Malaysia is a reflection of who we are, where we from, what we are.

If the Americans speak English and claimed proudly that they are speaking American- English, so why can’t we?

Be proud. You have nothing to lose. Bahasa Malaysia is our language of unity, freedom and harmony. Be proud of it. It’s a heritage that we shall preserve for as long as mankind can speak. Be proud to be Malaysian. 😉



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