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False debate: “Hari ini Anwar tak naik, esok minyak turun”

September 17, 2008

Pak Lah had swept portfolios with Najib
Anwar’s words.. All lies… unproven!
“Free spirited” bloggers one by one got investigated by authorities
Fuel price dropped to under usd$90
That’s a good sign ain’t it?

wiseman: Remember to pay your debts, rent people.

“Pisang emas di bawa belayar, masak sebiji di atas peti”
“Hutang emas mesti di bayar, hutang budi di bawa mati!” -malaysian pantun

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Nostalgic value today

September 11, 2008

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it!”

Anwar Ibrahim is making progress, he’s in it to win it.

Will Anwar be PM? Well, that’s too much for a gay guy who’s from the religious rebelious opposition side. Not a chance. He maybe relevant, but he is not government material anymore.

Pak Lah?

We all predict he’s going to step down. The thing is, will he do it now, soon, sooner or later?

The only future for him is down in the drain where old crows belong. Forget his trip boarding KTM comuter, that’s rubbish.  Sympathy from voters, too little too late for that. Ignorant bastard.

Anwar invented chaos. Pak Lah with his relax- Lah approach.

I favour non of the above.

Think this!

September 8, 2008

A woman can go so far.

A woman can work their ladder up and became the queen of the country.

A man.

A man can only work so hard and became the prime minister.

ps- Wan Azizah is looking very happy. Is it because she’s having a lot of sex? Or is it something else?