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The olympic and the sodomy

August 9, 2008

Olympic, Beijing 2008 had just begun

Athletes from all over the world are ready to give their best

Lee Chong Wei and gangs are committed

Jalur Gemilang, Negaraku are waiting to be waved and sang

and… Anwar


Anwar Ibrahim, he is just starting to warming up.

ps- c’mon fellow Malaysians, lets support our athletes in the ‘friendly’ rivalry war of sports in Beijing. Lets watch, pray and shout for them. Hoping for our first ever gold medal. Maybe this time we shall received.

Don’t mind Anwar Ibrahim, he has Gay’s country to support him. USA have his back. Well someone always have his ‘back’ anyway. (giggles… )

Malaysia Boleh!


The day we stand together

August 3, 2008

31st August 2008

A celebration for all.