Anwar Ibrahim is a good man

If Anwar Ibrahim is an actor, he would definitely already achieve so many achievements and awards for his no doubt performance. But no, he choosed to be in politics because in this arena he can go so far, so “deep” and so disgustingly anywhere he wishes to go.

Shabery asked him one simple question:

What happen later when Malaysia run out of fuel? Only then you (Anwar) rapidly increase the prices?

Anwar Ibrahim didn’t answer the question. He was so far away mumbling his way out, showing his sympathy faces, repeatedly stating that he is being attack with personal issues, IPP 40% to 20% crap, cut cost from sources that he himself doesn’t really know where to cut and it was a lot of things.

Here’s a situation.

Imagine Anwar is in power. Today form new government, tomorrow fuel price decrease. Okay? In the ideal world, people will maintain to move forward and precisely development will never stops. Global crisis will still happen. World oil prices will increase, no matter how you try to stop. Okay?

Anwar claimed that Malaysia is an oil producer country, should be rich and be able to give subsidy to the people. RM2.20, Anwar and all the Malaysians enjoy that fuel price. We all live happy (not include disaster or any financial trouble along the years). Suddenly, in year 2015, we are out of fuel. World oil market had already increased 100% or more from today’s (2008 ) prices.

What will happen then?

Malaysia is not a oil producer country anymore. Oil is no where to be found in our shores. We do not have our own resources to generate electricity using biofuel anymore. The IPP of 40% to 20% that Anwar mentioned is already 0% and we can’t no longer debate about that. Then only Anwar will say, “Okay people, we are out of fuel. Now we have to start to learn to adapt with high consumer prices and eat rice once a week..” and so. As the Prime Minister, Anwar will have connections to his private jets and more embassies or countries he can run to. Poverty. Hunger. USA wil come. Israel will help. It’s a fight for independence day all over again. Savvy?

So some of us trust Anwar, some of us don’t. Some people trust that the government right now are doing their job although it can be hard at times.

Why is it important for us to learn history? to know the past?

Why did Shabery squeezed some of what Anwar did back then during their debate that day?

Why so many Malaysians nowadays easily forget their roots and their origin?

Why so many people are hard to change?

Why we should all remind ourselves about the things that already happened?

It took us hundreds of years to claim our freedom. From Tanah Melayu to Malaya, from Malaya to Malaysia.

It only takes Anwar Ibrahim few months to be in power (dateline: 16th september 2008).

It only takes Anwar Ibrahim a day to change all the good hard work that we, our ancestors had done.

Even Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even Castro had to get through many years to retain his positions. Even Dr. Mahathir was a prime minister for more than 20 years and there are still many things to do.

Things don’t come easily. Things don’t come cheap.

Some people like Anwar Ibrahim say so many things he wants to achieve.. and yet, all that he had done was so many many bad things that are all mischieves.

I can say Anwar Ibrahim is a good man. A good actor actor at least.


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3 Responses to “Anwar Ibrahim is a good man”

  1. mel Says:

    Why is cutting IPP 40% to 20% crap?

    So you support the government 40% increase of petrol prices? So you think there is nothing good about some of the ideas that Anwar Ibrahim put forward:

    – cutting out mismanagement – government’s admission of RM700 million in losses due to the diesel fiasco
    – utilising part (RM1 billion) of the RM6 billion dividend windfall that the government is getting this year from Petronas to cushion the petrol price increase (instead of 40% increase, maybe 10-15% increase, which may also help cushion food & essential goods price increases)
    – yes, re-examining our essential resources deals: water / gas / electricity (yup, the IPPs) – are the deals highly imbalanced to the detriment of the Malaysian bill-paying consumers? We don’t begrudge corporations a fair profit – but is it currently a fair profit? Can’t we even raise these issues?
    – re-examining our tax system – why in countries like Thailand, with high petrol prices but they can manage without tolls and without road taxes. Can Malaysia do the same? Why is the cost of doing business in Malaysia higher?

    You’re missing the whole point of the debate: to most of us out here, it’s not a popularity or “best actor” contest – it’s about the ISSUES – who can give the best ideas to manage the current economic situation. We’ll take any good idea, even if it comes from the enemy.

    So far, all the govt is saying over and over again is that: the whole world is facing the oil price crunch, so we also have to increase the oil prices. But many Malaysians are asking: Is the entire bulk of the price increase to be passed to the ordinary Malaysian? What about the govt increasing efficiency / cutting costs (and please don’t joke about cutting Ministers’ entertainment allowance by 10%!). What about those of us earning around RM2000.00 a month with 2 kids and a mortgage to pay off?

    Thank you, both Anwar & Shabery for debating the issues. It’s a good start. Ordinary Malaysians should take their cue, and contribute (and be willing to listen with an open mind to) ideas. We’re all in this together.

  2. shinah Says:

    For Anwar supporters, do they solidly unshakingly believe that the “GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE”?

    Not always.

    But then, for Israel who likes to see fundamental-Islam wiped out, and replaced by “Islam-democrat” or “Islam-Liberal”, Anwar is a nice friend to have in the ASEAN region.

    • Shomes Bond Says:

      Yeah. I agree that “Grass is not always greener” as if the time come off, it shall become yellowish, faded. Regarding the Israel’s vision to eliminate Islamic fundamentals in the face of the Earth, they already achieve it, 95%. Where are those 5% ? Iran, Mauritinia, Arab Saudi, Nigeria and Afghanistan. You think Malaysia is an islamic country. NO. NO at all since the “Malacca Islamic golden age” in 15th century. And now for the modern days era of Malaysia, you invented this modern Malaysia if not Tun M? Who is the one make the agreement that our constitution should agree to implement Lord Reid law, thus distinguishing ISLAM and politics from our administration? Since our independence day, 1957.. Now 58 years ago, The obvious things that you need to look at was around yourself. Our current leader. UMNO/BN is the agent of westernization! so now who’s the one replaced Islamic fundamentals to Islam democrat or Islam-liberal actually? TQ.

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