Anwar Ibrahim: Who’s saying I’m comparing our fuel prices with other countries?

For few days, I don’t really care about Malaysian politics. Honestly, life without ever to think about politics is more peaceful and very light. People around me are the same even though in reality we have our differences. I take everything that happened through out the moments as calm as possible.

But it all changed. Tonight I woke up from that ‘dream land’ I had.

Anwar Ibrahim. The man that everybody loves to hate, loves to love. He is the man of the highlight tonight. I hate that he triggered madness and havoc on the streets, I love when he said he can and will lowered the fuel prices, I hate when he talked things that caused multi- racial dispute, I love it when he said fuel can be decreased, I hate that he distrupt the harmony, I love that he can say that it is possible for the people to pay less for the petrol than the current price, I hate when he can say so much when he himself is not worthy of his own words.

Of all people, Anwar is the one who disturbed me from my ‘sleep’. Tonight, I’m awake.

I wonder why?

He was sleeping so much since the day he was accused to had sodomized a young college drop- out, since the day his private detective gone missing, since the day he failed to give his statement to the authorities and since the day people started to see that he was the one who’s creating all the conspiracies.

Tonight he woke up and disturbed everybody once again. He wanted to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia and now is his chance to show Malaysian what he can do best: Ma nipulating people’s mind by his manipulating words.

My sense of concious telling me that Anwar is desperate although he appeared calm and relax through out his creative session tonight. Anwar Ibrahim is a man with a lot of faces. He has his good face for DAP, he has his religious face for PAS, he has his friendly face for BN, he has his ellegant face for Al- Jazeera, he has his puppy face for USA, he has his horny face for Saiful, he has his other horny face for Azizah and many other faces for his many other occasions.

I don’t hate Anwar. I just love to hate him, love to love him.

The question I love to ask myself. The questions which put history into the motion of now.

“What had Anwar Ibrahim done for the benefit of Malaysia as whole? What are the good things he had done that are visible for us to see? What he did all this years that really everybody can share? What was his contribution during his reign in power?”

He was the deputy of Prime Minister back then. I didn’t realized his existance up until the day he suddenly had to yell to everyone and get all excited that he is going for prison for crime that he actually commited. He was found guilty for corruption. Can you believe this guy? Can you believe that a corrupted politician wants to become our next prime minister? Can you believe in this rebelious fella?

Do you believe in guy who talks crap and up until now not a single crap his visible?

Can we, Malaysians trust Anwar Ibrahim?

Come out from our ‘dream land’ my fellow Malaysians. It’s time to wake up. An ‘alarm clock’ had triggered us all. I will not sleep until I switch it off. I will not sleep until the batteries are died out. I will not sleep until this ‘alarm clock’ is thrown away and changed with a new one. I will not sleep. I will stand up and savvy oppose this mad ‘alarm clock’. I’m awake.

ps- awaken.


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4 Responses to “Anwar Ibrahim: Who’s saying I’m comparing our fuel prices with other countries?”

  1. thinker Says:

    i think u always sleeping… he never sleep from give his speech. i think u not follow his way… thats y u said that he was sleeping so much…

  2. Zieg Says:

    Saying u love to hate anwar on the web is just wrong… internet is where anwar supporters go 12hours a day to rant bout how miserable their life because of the present government.

    Anyway, other than making people go riot here and there.. i also didn’t see much contribution from him.. even when he was the deputy. he even try to destroy Malaysia by accepting the IMF back then.

    this didn’t make Paklah any good either. hate him equally because his flip flop decision and all.

  3. maryam Says:

    I totally agree with everything you wrote

  4. astradamus Says:

    Anwar ibrahim always asking help from U.S. WHY?
    He do not trust his own people? malaysian tak boleh ke?
    Untill now eventhough PKR rule selangor did they solve many problem that they promise to help. i think it’s getting worse. the only thing that i can get the benefit from them is only a free water and nothing else.the bad thing i get from them is there is no more racial respect.Anwar shouldn’t talk thing that he got no knowledge. he talk like thing are easy to be done but actually he make it more difficult.

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