What is the definition of Government?

The people who govern a country, state or local area, and who make all the important decisions about taxes, law, relations with other countries.

The government of Malaysia play major role in the governing system. They decide and fold the future of our nation.

Who are the Authorities?

The people or organizations that have the power to decide what people are allowed to do in a country or area.

We have our highly mandate courts and policemen. We have the ministry and the ministers that lead those ministries.

What is Politics?

Activities and idea that are connected with governing a country or local area.

Help those who are in need. Voice up concerns for the benefit of the community. Fight for rights through correct channel.

Who is the Politician?

Someone who works in politics, especially a member of a parliament.

Those who won the election and worthy of the position.

Who is MP (member of parliament )?

Someone who has been elected to a parliament.

Those who have their voices heard in the parliament.

What is Democracy?

A system of government in which everyone in the country can vote to choose the government.

Malaysia obey the system of democracy.

What is a Democratic country?

A democratic country (government, or political system ) which the people vote to choose the government.

Malaysia is a democratic country.

Who is the Leader of a country?

Someone, such as a president or prime minister, who is in charge of the government of a country.

The prime minister is the leader of Malaysian goverment.

Who is Prime Minister?

The elected leader of the government in a country that has a parliament.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the prime minister of Malaysia.

Who is the King?

A man who id the official leader of a country because he is a member of a royal family.

The Sultan of Terengganu is the King of Malaysia.


Who is Anwar Ibrahim?

He is not the government,

he is not the authorities,

he is not politics,

he is not the politician,

he is not MP,

he is not democracy,

he is not democratic,

he is not a leader of a country,

he is not prime minister,

he is not king.

He is not a single thing. He (maybe) fucked a guy or two or more. He (maybe) a culprit who works for the USA as he received millions of dollars from a fund or two or more. He (definitely) was prisoned as he was guitly for corruption and sodomy. He went everywhere in the world telling lies. He lied. He lies. He is a liar. ANWAR IBRAHIM is a very cheap man. He is everything money can buy.



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