Weekend chit-chat

Police of Malaysia will take Anwar Ibrahim’s statement tomorrow upon his sodomy case.

Anwar Ibrahim is very quite nowadays.

Pas is not sure and will look into the matter of their position in Pakatan Rakyat.

Pak Lah hold legal gathering yesterday, he said some words that amazed the people. The question is whether he will do all that he said or not?

Ismail Sabri is talking rubbish and wanted to be in UMNO top members seats.

Samy Vellu, not a great night for the MIC meeting this weekend.

DAP is doing well manipulating the Pakatan Rakyat members. They are like the crocodiles in the river. Quiet but smart. You never know when they going to bite you.

If PAS to let go from Pakatan Rakyat and decide that Malay rights and Islam rights are more important than their alliances, instead of Anwar Ibrahim taking over with his new government, BN can take over Perak. BN to form new Perak government is just 3 seats away.

ps- my advice to Anwar Ibrahim: better leave the country while you still can. You’re maybe not gay, but you’re not ‘straight’ either. Pak Lah is looking good right about now.


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