Proton cars to ‘transform’

Malaysia’s national carmaker Proton on Friday launched a “zero-defect” campaign aimed at erasing a reputation for poor quality that has left it struggling to compete against foreign competitors.

Proton managing director Syed Zainal Abidin also announced plans to fit all models with natural gas tanks from October to help motorists beat the rising cost of fuel. The move follows a 41 percent petrol price hike this month.

However, the carmaker is pushing ahead with plans to roll out its first multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) next March, saying there was also demand for the gas-guzzling models, which are popular with large Malaysian families.

Syed Zainal said some 60 percent of defects in Proton cars were due to poor quality components from vendors, but admitted the rest of the blame fell on the firm’s workforce.

Proton said in February it had made net profits for two quarters in a row, thanks to lower operating costs and increased car sales.

However, it still booked a net loss of 32.92 million ringgit (10 million dollars) for the nine months to December, although it was smaller than the 590.448 million ringgit loss a year earlier.


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One Response to “Proton cars to ‘transform’”

  1. Letting.......... Says:

    If there is 60% defects from the vendors, then you must do something about the vendors or maybe change the vendors… But the remaining 40% must be because of Proton faults…

    anyway, my wife own a Proton and overall, I am quiet satisfied with the car… Of course I do think that the price is expensive, the design is poor, the finishing is just so-so, and there is a need to improve the car especially it is very noisy and too much noise when the car moves… too much vibration…

    But what I can see, after 7 years of using the car, it fares better than my other continental car. The maintenance cost has been cheaper, reliability and maintanability is high… Availability is very convenience since almost every workshop can maintain the car. If you drive a Beamer, Merc and other continental cars of the smae age (7 years) you may need to check the availability of the competent workshop at your destination since not many workshop can really do the maintenance and repair for these cars…

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