Joke and no joke: The road terror brains

A Guy walks into a store. He sees three brains on display. One is a Lim Kit Siang’s Brain, priced at RM250. The second is a Anwar Ibrahim’s Brain, priced at RM275. The third is a Abdul Hadi Awang’s, priced at RM5,000,000. The Guy asks the sales clerk,”Man, why does Abdul Hadi Awang’s brain cost so much more than the other two?” Clerk replies,”Well, sir, that brain has never been used.


PAS is planning on riot “Demonstrasi Bantahan Kenaikan Harga Minyak”
@ 13 june 2008 (friday)
from Masjid Kampung Baru to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur)

ps- be careful. think of your love ones.


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