What Singaporeans think about Malaysian petrol and stuff?

Singaporeans are said to spend six times more on food, entertainment and shopping compared with what they pay for petrol.

A Singaporean who only wanted to be known as Tang, said although he would frequent the petrol station for cheaper petrol, he also comes in for shopping and entertainment that cost about RM200 to RM300 per trip.

“I come here every weekend to buy groceries as they are cheaper here,” said the 32-year-old salesman.

Tang said although he gets to fill in about RM50-RM80 of petrol each time before he returns to Singapore, he spent much more than that for other activities that benefited the businesses here.

Desmond Foo, 47, leaves the island republic for Johor Baru and Kulai, about four times weekly for work and leisure.

“On weekdays, I come in for work but I also take my family here for food and entertainment during weekends,” said the father of three.

He explained that he spent at least RM250 per trip depending on the length of stay and his expenditure would be much more if hotel lodging was required.

Foo said the petrol ban would certainly cause a lot of inconvenience to him, as he had to visit his factory in Kulai regularly.

“I come in for work about three times a week and Kulai is one of the areas where petrol sale is banned for foreign registered cars,” he said.

He added that while the Malaysian Government had the right to prohibit Singaporeans from enjoying the subsidised petrol, it would be good if foreigners were allowed to fill in petrol at market prices.

Foo said it was not the question of getting the cheaper petrol but a matter of convenience.

Hashim Sani from Bedok, Singapore said he had been driving into Johor Baru almost every week for the past seven years.

“I come here with my family and we will shop for groceries here,” said the 39-year-old technician adding that he also had his hair cut and car washed here, as it was cheaper.

The three are examples of the tens of millions who enter Malaysia from Singapore on a frequent basis.

Last year alone, about 22 million Singaporeans entered the country via the Second Link and the Causeway.

-gladys tay


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