Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( PAS ) and pig farms

PAS ( Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party or the Islamic Party of Malaysia) claimed that they are an Islamist political party in Malaysia. The party aims to establish Malaysia as a country based on Islamic legal theory derived from the primary sources of Islam, the Quran and Sunnah.

bla.. bla.. crap!

On 23rd of Disember 2000, PAS Terengganu under Abdul Hadi Awang has allowed pig farming in the state.

Year 2008, Pakatan Rakyat ( PKR-PAS-DAP) had won the state election and formed new government of Selangor state. The start of their new ruling years were followed by allowing mega project: pig farm to proceed. The pig farm is widely known as the next big thing in Selangor. They were so proud with their decision, the whole rakyat (people) were talking about it. No joke!


Kelantan MB recently said that commercialized pig farms are not allowed in the state of Kelantan. BUT.. he supports the largest pig farm ever built in Selangor to continue. “Go on,” he said.

ps- in Islam, pig is considered to be the most unclean thing. Pigs are filthy. Muslims are not allowed to touch them, eat them and have intimate relationship with them. PAS is way out and off course.

The party is heading to the opposite direction from which it suppose to. They doing it wrong! Their task is not hard. They just need to defend and make a stand. Just need to say this out loud, “Pig is haram(not allowed). We don’t support pig farming!”. What a shame.. What a pity!

PAS is not fighting for Islam. At least not anymore.

Kelantan MB, Nik Aziz Nik Mat (spiritual leader of PAS) graduated with a Bachelor Of Arts in Arabic Studies and Master of Art in Islamic law from the Al-Azhar University. You can go visit Kelantan. It’s a nice place there, but nothing spectacular though except that women there work hard for money while the husbands stay at home and play checkers with their friends at the coffee shops.

Abdul Hadi bin Awang (born October 20, 1947) is the current PAS president and a former Chief Minister of Terengganu. He currently has two wives.


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7 Responses to “Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( PAS ) and pig farms”

  1. ali Says:
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  2. zulkiflee Says:

    nate mano wak laman web ni!!! sedap oyak kokre babi, sbenar dia babi.

  3. tushar Says:

    pls guide me for pig farming regarding the money required land required
    and every thing please … thank you

  4. Hantuska Says:

    ngko yg babi!
    sng2 kate org babi…igt bn tu bgus sgt ke! Bn the real pnderhaka!
    ni msti 0rg tua nk mmpus wat wbsite ni!!
    aku taw muda dh xsk0ng bn…blah la bN!

  5. Nik Najis Says:

    singh celaka.. pas celaka….

  6. ejil Says:

    hang jgn jd pukimak sgt…..
    kau jgn ckp orang babi la kau tgk dulu kerajaan yg kau sokong tu, lagi perangai mcm babi….
    sedarlah… jgn menipu diri sendiri dok sokong kerajaan penindas tu…..
    igtlah generasi kita masa depan, agama kita, bangsa kita…..
    yg ckp pas celaka ni, die yg celaka….
    jgn nk salahkan org lain kalau mereka tindas melayu sebabnya melayu sendiri yang bodoh, pemalas, tau nk dijolok,disuap, kalau boleh nk dok baring je atas katil and semua org buatkan… wahai org2 belah sane bangkitlah dari menipu diri sendiri..aku tahu yg korang sebenarnya pecaya kami di bahagian yg betul tapi buat2 tak tau lagi… tinggalkanlah benda yg lalu….. semoga MALAYSIAKU BERSINAR DIBAWAH PAKATAN RAKYAT… DEMI NEGARA INI, TUMBANGLAH KERAJAAN YANG ADA AGAR ANAK BANGSAKU TERUS BERJAYA DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT….. ALLAHUAKBAR!!!!!!

  7. Ambo Says:


    not political mind ever..

    Nik Aziz said o on to pig farming in Selangor because it was already set up by BN long time ago. How could you think if Tuan Guru Nik Aziz said ‘Ban!’. What will happen? Couldn’t you think?

    Pas maybe is not fingting for Islam
    An Umno is destroying Islam with their hand, with their adjustable acts.
    No princip at all

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