50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister (yesterday journalism for today to ponder)


1. Vindictive

Anwar Ibrahim is very vindictive whether towards friends or foes. This never ending vendetta against Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and many others has made him unpopular as a leader.

2. Opposition

The attitude of opposing has become Anwar’s habit since he began to be active in UMNO in 1982. In the same year that he opposed Suhaimi Kamaruddin to wrest the seat of UMNO Youth Head.

3. Divide & Rule

The attitude of divide and rule is Anwar’s strategy to remain in power in UMNO and the government. He had the temerity to put UMNO Kedah at loggerheads when he set up a complot to oppose Dr Mahathir’s proposal to appoint Sanusi Junid as Kedah Menteri Besar.

He also gave pressure on Rahim Tamby Chik until he was forced to resign as Malacca Menteri Besar.

4. False Oath

Anwar had the guts to swear not to oppose Ghaffar Baba for the post of UMNO Deputy President. It turns out to be a false oath, which is cursed by God.

5. Topple Mahathir

He has sworn to topple Dr Mahathir’s leadership in front of the late Haji Sulaiman Palestine for being detained by ISA when Dr Mahathir was Minister of Education.

6. Does Not Practise What He Preaches

Anwar has the habit of not practising what he preaches. If he talks about anti money politics, he is the one who is the head of money politics during the election for the post of UMNO Deputy President in 1993.

7. Father of Corruption

Corruption was highest when he was Minister of Finance, hence people call him Father of corruption.

8. Broken Family

Anwar comes from a broken family. His father Ibrahim Abd Rahman took his maid as his wife causing Anwar’s mother Hajah Che Yan to live in stress and become paralysed. Mokhtar, Anwar’s brother is a drug addict. The family that was once not so well off became wealthy when Anwar became the Minister for Finance.

9. Eloped With A Young Woman

Anwar has eloped with a young woman to wed her in Thailand. He did not get the approval from Wan Ismail, Azizah’s father until Wan Ismail had to take out his pistol to chase him away from entering his house. Eventually Anwar’s mother took the initiative to wed Anwar to Azizah in her house in Bukit Mertajam.

This attitude of Anwar has shown how laws, regulations and the Malay and Islamic culture can be disregarded as long as his desires can be fulfilled.

10. Sodomise

There was a commotion when Anwar’s secret of sodomising his driver Azizan was revealed.

This story about Anwar sodomising is not new. It started when he was still a student in MCKK and in Universiti Malaya. Many people want to come forward to reveal Anwar’s past life. Just wait.

11. Played With Someone’s Wife

The story of how Anwar Ibrahim gets involved in a sex scandal with another man’s wife – the wife of his personal secretary Mohamad Azmin Bin Ali, named Madam Shamsidar Taharin had been revealed by Azmin’s sister, Ummi Hafilda Binti Ali.

12. Illegal Child

The results of illegal sex with Shamsidar had produced a child named Afifa. Shamsidar is proud of this child because she is the child of a government big shot.

13. Deprave and Unfaithful

Anwar Ibrahim is not only unfaithful towards his wife but also a homosexual, who is cursed by God.

14. Likes To Quarrel

Anwar Ibrahim’s name itself connotes that Anwar like to quarrel or make war. An War means a war in English, that is why he likes crises, quarrels, controversies and wars.

15. Hiding Behind the Mask of Religion

When Anwar became the leader of ABIM, Islamic principles were made his basis of struggle to meet his political ambition. When he joined UMNO, all the principles and Islamic struggle were only a mask whereas his actual struggle is the contrary. Anwar became a hypocrite when he led the congregational prayer and read the sermon on Friday prayers while he himself is not clean, and his morality is full of sins. His reading of the Quranic verse on The Disbelievers was wrong. This had been commented by intellectuals themselves. Anwar had always been seen wearing silk when he was leading the prayers.

16. Transgress

From the sins that he has committed it shows that he is a transgressor of God’s law and he is not blessed to administer the country.

17. Condemning UMNO

When he was the leader of ABIM and a student Anwar was vocal in condemning UMNO and their leaders but after a short while he had to eat his humble pie.

18. Leader without Vision

Actually Anwar is a leader without a vision. His vision is seen as only wanting to become rich through corruption, power seizure through UMNO and homosexuality.

19. Abuse Power

Although Dr Mahathir is still the Prime Minister but in many aspects, Anwar disregard Mahathir’s power and promotes his own image. For example, he acts alone in the foreign policies that have been laid down very well by Foreign Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Therefore there was a contradiction between Dr Mahathir and Abdullah’s presentation and his. Anwar also used the National Order Bureau (BTN) as his political means.

20. Has Become a US Puppet

Many people were surprised that the US government had welcomed Anwar’s arrival in the US as an eminent statesman with 21 gunshots and a red carpet. While Dr Mahathir himself had never been welcomed in such a manner. A similar welcome had been given to Boris Yeltsin, while at that time Gorbachev was the President of the Soviet Union. Soon after that, the Soviet Union broke up and Boris Yeltsin rose as the new President of Russia. Can’t the US do the same thing to Malaysia? Anything can happen and the people have many impressions of Anwar when they interpret this extraordinary friendship. Is Anwar an agent of CIA?

21. Usury

Although Anwar as Malaysian Finance Minister failed to preserve the former excellent economic position of the country before he took charge and economic decline and crisis continued, the US evaluation of him is the reverse. Recently he was elected as the Chairman of IMF Development – the US Monetary Institution which gives loans to countries that are suffering from inflation like Indonesia, Thailand South Korea with harsh conditions. Hence, Anwar is indulgent in non-Islamic institutions that practise usury – the kind of trade condemned by God.

In Malaysia Islamic banking may be set up and all bank transactions can be done according to Islamic standard but Anwar cannot set up Islamic banking in IMF.

22. Lies

99% of Anwar’s life style is made up of lies. Anwar had once said that ABIM was founded by himself. He says that ABIM comes from his name Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Whereas the persons who set up ABIM were Sanusi Junid with Prof Nawawi Ghazali. Nawawi was the First President while Sanusi was the Deputy President.

23. ABIM

Before Anwar left ABIM, he pledged to ‘ABIMise’ UMNO. Therefore we can see many ABIM members joined UMNO to become Head, Deputy, Vice Head and Exco members of UMNO Division and Branch throughout the country.

24. The Participation of 46 Party

Anwar was not happy with the decision to bring back all members of 46 party led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, hence he tried to stop Razaleigh from all levels so that the members of 46 party would not get any position in UMNO divisions. As a leader, it is certainly unhealthy to be vindictive whereas the members of 46 have a sincere wish to disband their party and join UMNO again.

25. Toppled People Who Had Contributed to UMNO

Whoever is regarded as strong although they have contributed to UMNO, will find that Anwar would find ways to marginalised them and promote his own men.Among those who became his victim were Ghaffar Baba, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Mohamad Hj Taib, Anuar Musa and Daim Zainuddin himself.

26. Disrespectful

Ghaffar and Dr Mahathir are two pillars of UMNO who together set up UMNO in 1946. If Ghaffar remains as Deputy President of UMNO and the Deputy Prime Minister, it is appropriate after having struggled for a long time in UMNO to fill that posts. But Anwar who had just joined UMNO rose up by discarding people who had contributed a lot to his religion, race and country. Ghaffar felt humiliated by Anwar’s disrespectful attitude. This should have been made a lesson to UMNO members. Mutual respect should be observed by all.

27. Hypocrisy

If any leader is hypocrite he will expose many of his mistakes until his status is put at a low pedestal. Anwar has this attitude.

28. Ravenous

The practise that Allah has condemned (homosexuality) has put Anwar’s character to the lowest level and he becomes ravenous in all cases.

29. Forgotten His Roots

Anwar since he was made the Minister had forgotten his roots as a champion of Islam. He leads a lifestyle that is contradictory to his former principles of struggle. If possible he wants to remain in power as an autocrat. When he was the Minister of Education, he was once invited to open a National School in Masjid Tanah, Malacca. But unfortunately he said, “do I need to come”.

30. Contradicted the Prime Minister

Although Dr Mahathir is still the Prime Minister, Anwar has acted like the Prime Minister. Dr Mahathir’s statement on a project or issue, has always been denied by Anwar or he has made contradictory comments.

31. Anwar Controls the Media

Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and TV3 are under Anwar’s command. Once Anwar speaks, he becomes the main news in those media. Although Dr Mahathir gives more sound speeches they would be put in the second line or in the inside page.

32. Slander

Through those media, (Anwar) would slander some leaders until they are not given the chance to defend themselves. An example of their victim was Rahim Tamby Chik, although he had never been convicted or sentenced by the Court, Rahim was clearly accused of corruption and engaging in sexual relations with underage girls.

33. Flat Forehead

If we look closely, Anwar’s forehead is obviously flat. According to Feng Shui experts, people with flat forehead will not become a great leader or number one leader.

34. Waves

The book Waves written by Anwar describes himself as continually living in waves.

35. The Drop of the Ringgit

Before Anwar became Finance Minister, our ringgit value was RM2.20 compared to US$1.00. But now our position remains static at RM3.90 compared to US$1.00 As a result, cost of household products had risen to 60%. Actually Anwar’s appointment as Chairman of IMF Development could influence the rise of the ringgit value but it has dropped.

36. State’s Loss

The economic crisis continues until now because of the loss suffered by Bank Negara from RM10.1 billion to RM12.8 billion. The Bank Negara should not indulge in gambling (currency trading) but should safeguard the country’s reserves. The Bank Negara has been classed as ‘big bully’ in the foreign exchange market until it suffers a big loss. As a result investors of foreign exchange from Europe and the US became spiteful of Malaysia’s role and they reacted by attacking Malaysia’s currency. Nevertheless as Finance Minister, Anwar was only capable of telling the people that we suffered a loss only on paper. This is the standard of our Finance Minister, one who has never involved in the economic sector but given financial duties, will result in further damage to the state’s finance.

37. Lesson

Anwar Ibrahim only holds an Arts qualification in Malay Literature from Universiti Malaya. Even so, he did not pass his first year. He does not have any knowledge in trade and economy that would enable him to protect and manage the country’s finance.

38. Nepotism

From a family that is not well off Mr Ibrahim can now marry another wife. If both wives did not give their consent, he can go to Thailand – follow Anwar’s style. Rani, Anwar’s brother was a bankrupt once but now he is very rich, always going out with Ku Yah. Wan Ismail, Anwar’s father-in-law who wanted to shoot Anwar for eloping with Azizah, has now become obsequious to his beloved son-in-law. Wan Ismail also obtained a big reward with 30 million shares worth RM90 million.

39. Has No Limit

Imagine if Anwar becomes Prime Minister one day? He will not only bring Malaysia to poverty and his family becomes rich but Anwar’s greed has no limit. All the buttocks of teenagers will be molested. Minister of Youth and Sports has to come up with a weekly list, providing pretty teenagers or Anwar’s consumption. All the present Ministers will be sacked. Whoever offers his buttocks will become a Minister. Syed Hussein Al Attas (the writer who is not a professor) would never accept a post from Anwar because he is not a homosexual, and also not a man who goes after another man’s wife. Syed Hussein also has his own morals. Others are not like him when money is offered. They will just do it.

40. Lot’s Tribe

According to Buletin Utama news, in this city at present, there are 20,000 men who are involved in homosexual activities. The number increases from time to time and it is feared that the city will turn into Sodom village in Palestine where almost all the people practised homosexuality. This tribe of Prophet Lot did not heed the Prophet’s admonition that their action was cursed by God. Finally God destroyed the whole of Sodom and killed almost all depraved men except Prophet Lot and some followers who kept their faith. We fear that if the number of these homosexuals grows bigger and cannot be controlled God would curse and destroy the people. What is perplexing is that it is not as if there weren’t any beautiful women in Sodom, but the men kept looking for other men. Anwar’s speciality is that he is a bisexual, much better than Lot’s tribe.

41. Unpopular With the People

With his scandal with another man’s wife, homosexuality, corruption, abuse of power, a puppet to the US, hiding behind the mask of Islam and so on, Anwar has become unpopular and will cause havoc not only to UMNO members but also to all Malaysians.

42. Malays Became Poor

Before Anwar became Finance Minister, many Malays enjoy wealth and comforts. But when Anwar replaced Daim Zainuddin, Malays became poor. For five years they have been waiting patiently for the economic situation to recover but the sustenance they have been waiting for has yet to come. The longer Anwar become Finance Minister, Malays will become poor. The rich will become richer including Anwar’s family.

43. The country’s Future Is Bleak

Malaysia is known worldwide because of the popularity of its Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. In a short time Malaysia will shift from the Third World to an advanced country. The concept of Vision 2020 will make Malaysia an advanced country with a prosperous and harmonious people. Can our dreams be achieved if Anwar Ibrahim becomes the Prime Minister? Many predict that the country’s future will be bleak under Anwar Ibrahim.

44. Strategy

In this economic decline, Anwar is still capable of running his political strategy to remain in power with the agenda of toppling Dr Mahathir. Anwar wants all his generals and lieutenants to contest as Head, Deputy, Vice Head, Exco members, Head of Youth and Head of UMNO Wanita at the division level recently. Unfortunately Anwar’s strategy was in vain because of several rules of UMNO Executive Council. Hence, many holding important appointments in division are not among Anwar’s supporters. If Anwar’s strategy had succeeded (before the Executive Council regulations) he would want to oppose Dr Mahathir in the 1999 election. Anwar wants to knock out Dr Mahathir in his hands.

45. Spread Money

Because of the wealth owned by Anwar and his people, every candidate who supports him in division level election will certainly win. In the election of Division Head of UMNO Langkawi in 1995, Anwar’s people spread money freely merely to rob Sanusi Junid from a certain victory. The strong influence of money caused Sanusi to lose in the hands of Abu Bakar Taib, Member of Parliament of Langkawi. The same happened in Malacca recently, because of money politics, Rahim Tamby Chik lost his election for the post of Division Head of UMNO Malacca.

46. Eating while Squatting, Eating With Chopstick

The Malay etiquette is based on Islamic etiquette. The struggle for Islam was the basis of Anwar’s struggle when he was in ABIM. But when he became Minister, the etiquette that he had been holding all these while suddenly disappeared. Anwar had been photographed eating while squatting in public and eating with chopsticks in front of the Prime Minister.

47. The Formation of M-Ten

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir had been too lenient with Anwar although Anwar is willing to step on his head. Dr Mahathir had been looking for ways on how to control the state’s finance so that its budget can be arranged and not be spent wastefully by Anwar. Hence Dr Mahathir has set up the National Economic Action Council (M-Ten) where Daim Zainuddin is the Executive Director.

48. A Blow to Anwar

Actually Anwar should realise that the formation of M-Ten is a big blow to him because his credibility in running the country’s finance has been doubted. If Anwar is wise and has a high moral, he should step down as Finance Minister.

49. Destruction

The unity of UMNO and the Malays which has all along been good and stable will be destroyed if Anwar is still elected as the Prime Minister replacing Dr Mahathir. This is based on facts that have been presented in this book.

50. Will

Finally the will from Haji Sulaiman Palestine to Dr Mahathir before he died. Anwar had learnt a lot from the late Haji Sulaiman, his uncle. Haji Sulaiman who was an UMNO veteran knew many secrets and weaknesses of Anwar. Because of that he had left a will stating that Dr Mahathir should not choose Anwar as Prime Minister because UMNO would shatter. Dr Mahathir had been advised by him to choose Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister if he wants to see UMNO safe.


50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister Part 1 (chapter 2)

by Khalid Jafri


5 Responses to “50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Become Prime Minister (yesterday journalism for today to ponder)”

  1. Susan Kishner Says:

    Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. iceedlemontea Says:

    cool article..and what do YOU think about that matter? 🙂

  3. Raj Says:

    What a bull shit, these guys are really nuts. Looks like the author have a probelm.

  4. dhasim Says:

    Dont judge a book by its cover.

  5. Afzal Says:

    It’s the Malaysian public to decide who will BECOME
    The facts are just the Authors understanding.

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