Thomas Cup, end of the road.

Its was a good game i say with the excitement and adrenaline rush by just watchin it. hehe (smile). Not bad, not bad. So, the result:


First Single:
LEE CHONG WEI beat Lin Dan 21-12, 21-14.

First Double:
KOO KIEN KEAT-TAN BOON Heong lost to Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng 16-21, 17-21

Second Single:
WONG CHOONG HAN lost to Bao Chunlai 18-21, 7-21

Second Double:
MOHD. FAIRUZIZUAN TAZARI-MOHD. ZAKRY ABDUL LATIF beat Xie Zhongbo- Guo Zhendong 21-17,21-15

Third Single:
MOHD. HAFIZ HASHIM lost to CHEN JIN 12-21, 16-21

ps- its the end of road for us. But Malaysia can still smile and be proud though. We putted a great show, 3-2 was really a close call.


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