Thomas Cup joy, so far

Celebrate the joy people, we’re in the semi final.

We managed to get thru all the barriers, beatin the English, Japanese and others to get to this moment. Semi final against China. What a blast, huh? It has been a rough time all this years with our ‘unstable’ performance and look at us now, i say, “Malaysia still rock at Thomas Cup”. 2008 maybe, maybe not be our year to grab that long waitin cup but keep in mind of our fightin courage of givin our best, to deliver, undyin hardwork, no matter what to bring that cup home, that’s what important most.

So cheers people, pray and hope for the best.

ps- Majulah sukan untuk negara (that’s what politicians say.) but i say, “If u love the sports, than play it with all ur heart. Be proud of urself, because u’re wearin that Malaysia shirts and we all watchin u, everybody knows ur name. You are history in the makin. You can do it.. oh, yes u can.. ”

-dolly jones


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