Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Malaysian 4th prime minister, he has his own blog now.. let’s go check what he has to say.

his first post: the appointment of judges. @  http://www.chedet.com

ps- 1981- 2003.. the world heard us.. We said NO, don’t descriminate.. We said YES, yes.. we send our army.. Our peace-keepin army.. NO, we don’t need IMF money, we can rebuild and coop with the situation, we’re Malaysians.. YES, we can do this.. we can make cars, climb the mountains, build the skyscrappers (not one, but TWO), we cross oceans, we build up rural areas, we give hope to the world.. We don’t only talk that time, we DO.. and the world saw us.. What a GREAT nation we were..

2004- today.. ………………


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