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Health Ministry Drawing Better Scheme Of Service For Doctors

May 31, 2008

The Health Ministry is drawing up a better scheme of service and remuneration to retain doctors in the government service and to check the “brain drain” to the private sector.

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said an average of 300 doctors and 50 specialists on grades UD41, UD44 and UD48 resigned from the government service every year, citing unsatisfactory salary, heavy workload and unhappy with working environment.

“The ministry is fully aware of the doctors’ shortage and the “brain drain” to the private sector. I assure you that we are not keeping still about this.

“For example, the issue on allowances for specialists and better promotion prospects for them are being seriously studied by the ministry and a decision is expected soon.

“I assure you the ministry will announce the good news soon,” he said at the 48th Malaysia Medical Association annual dinner.

Liow said the ministry recommended that allowances for specialists be reviewed as an incentive to doctors to remain in the public sector.

It was also proposed that the revision of the allowance should cover related disciplines such as dental and public health.

The last review was about 20 years ago.

To woo more doctors to serve in the remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak, Liow said Health Services director-general Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican was looking into the hardship allowance for doctors serving in the interior.

Liow said the ministry was also working closely with Sarawak state government to review existing regulations to allow doctors from Peninsular Malaysia to set up their private practice in the state.

“My first task is to convey the Malaysian Medical Association’s concerns that Peninsular Malaysia doctors be allowed to work freely in Sarawak.

“We hope the close collaboration between the ministry and the state government will resolve the problem as soon as possible,” he said.

Liow also said the ministry was negotiating with the Public Service Department for a better scheme of service for junior doctors.

“A house officer who has completed two years training and has undergone the mandatory induction course and related requirements will be automatically promoted from UD41 to UD 44 in the third year of their career.

“At the same time, the welfare of the current UD41 medical officers appointed before 2008 will also not be forgotten.

They will benefit through appropriate adjustments to their grades,” he said.



It’s not my letter, says Dr Mahathir

May 31, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hopes that one day his correspondence with two former Israeli prime ministers will be declassified.

“I am saying this because currently, there is a fake letter circulating around. The letter claims to have been written by me but is actually an attempt to damage my reputation,” he said after attending an autograph session for his book, Dr. Mahathir’s Selected Letters to World Leaders, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday.

The letter, dated Aug 16, 1999, carrying a government letterhead and Dr Mahathir’s signature, was addressed to Ehud Barak, then prime minister of Israel, congratulating him on his appointment.

According to the letter, Dr Mahathir asked for Barak’s help in accessing the “Clinton Fund” for “the purpose of withstanding the onslaught of Islamic Fundamentalists in Malaysia” and raising funds for Umno in preparation for the 1999 general election.

Dr Mahathir denied he wrote the letter.

“My book contains 71 letters, but while in office, I have written more than 200 letters to various international personalities. Unfortunately most of them are still under the Official Secrets Act, including my letters to Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak.

“If the original letters were published, you would know that the letter being circulated now is a fake,” Dr Mahathir said.


Dirty Joke: How did they fall in love, Zahrah and Khir Toyo

May 30, 2008

Zahrah completed her six weeks of dental restoration with Dr. Mohamed Khir Toyo the dentist. She confided to her best friend that she had fallen in love with her dentist.. and she was going to propose to him.

Her friend said, ” Zahrah you’re 33 years old, you’re beautiful, you have dozens of men who adore you. Why this dentist?”

“Because he is the First man that ever said to me…. SPIT, don’t SWALLOW.”

Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( PAS ) and pig farms

May 30, 2008

PAS ( Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party or the Islamic Party of Malaysia) claimed that they are an Islamist political party in Malaysia. The party aims to establish Malaysia as a country based on Islamic legal theory derived from the primary sources of Islam, the Quran and Sunnah.

bla.. bla.. crap!

On 23rd of Disember 2000, PAS Terengganu under Abdul Hadi Awang has allowed pig farming in the state.

Year 2008, Pakatan Rakyat ( PKR-PAS-DAP) had won the state election and formed new government of Selangor state. The start of their new ruling years were followed by allowing mega project: pig farm to proceed. The pig farm is widely known as the next big thing in Selangor. They were so proud with their decision, the whole rakyat (people) were talking about it. No joke!


Kelantan MB recently said that commercialized pig farms are not allowed in the state of Kelantan. BUT.. he supports the largest pig farm ever built in Selangor to continue. “Go on,” he said.

ps- in Islam, pig is considered to be the most unclean thing. Pigs are filthy. Muslims are not allowed to touch them, eat them and have intimate relationship with them. PAS is way out and off course.

The party is heading to the opposite direction from which it suppose to. They doing it wrong! Their task is not hard. They just need to defend and make a stand. Just need to say this out loud, “Pig is haram(not allowed). We don’t support pig farming!”. What a shame.. What a pity!

PAS is not fighting for Islam. At least not anymore.

Kelantan MB, Nik Aziz Nik Mat (spiritual leader of PAS) graduated with a Bachelor Of Arts in Arabic Studies and Master of Art in Islamic law from the Al-Azhar University. You can go visit Kelantan. It’s a nice place there, but nothing spectacular though except that women there work hard for money while the husbands stay at home and play checkers with their friends at the coffee shops.

Abdul Hadi bin Awang (born October 20, 1947) is the current PAS president and a former Chief Minister of Terengganu. He currently has two wives.

Malaysian artistes for unity

May 29, 2008

Malaysian artistes for unity. Video and song of pure message : Here in my home.

Lets celebrate the true joy of being Malaysian. Take the differences, make them into something strong that we can cheerish about.

There’s a boy, there’s a girl and they fall in love together. Two different gender celebrating their differences.

So much differences, so much joy, so much to share about, so much passion to be proud of. We are Malaysians. Make way for unity. For all that we know, LOVE is all around.

ps- for video, please click icedlemontea or log straight to malaysian artistes for unity under lifestyle link.

Ezam has no faith in Parti Keadilan Rakyat anymore

May 28, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno has accepted former PKR Youth leader Ezam Mohd Nor back into the party but has not promised him any position.

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who welcomed Ezam back to the party said:

“What’s special about him is that he left the party to lead another party but he decided to come back, knowing that Umno is still the better party”.

Ezam handed over his application form and RM100 in lifetime membership fee at a press conference at Parliament House, after a brief meeting with Abdullah.

source: ezam rejoins Umno (thestar)

Anwar Ibrahim is ‘the politician’?

May 27, 2008

After spending a night at a hotel having sex with a prostitute, ‘the
politician’ took RM700 out of his wallet and placed it on the
dressing table.

“Thanks,” she said. “But I only charge RM50.”

“Fifty ringgit for the entire night?” the amazed politician replied.
“You can’t make a living on that.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” the whore replied. “I do a little blackmail on
the side!”

ps- this is just a joke for a good laugh. Wan Azizah’s husband won’t do such thing, right?

Anwar Ibrahim seems quiet nowadays, i wonder if he got blackmailed or something?

Malaysia to build first nursing hospital in the world

May 26, 2008

The first and only international university dedicated to nursing education will be built in Bandar Seri Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan.

The International University College of Nursing (IUCN) will be built on a 200-acre land, and the first phase will be ready in July, 2009.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said Phase One would see the construction of campus, its amenities and hostels on the first few acres of land.

He said the much sought-after profession saw a world shortage and that IUCN would meet the demand, locally and internationally.

The menteri besar was speaking to reporters at a signing ceremony involving the project today.

At the ceremony, Mohamad represented the Menteri Besar Incorporation (MBI) as a signatory while the other signatory was Director of Run Education Sdn Bhd Tunku Putera Tunku Nadzaruddin Tuanku Jaafar.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the ideal ratio between a nurse and patient is 1:200 but in Malaysia, the ratio is 1:645.

Mohamad said that 130,000 nurses must be trained by the year 2020, to meet the country’s demand.

“I am grateful to IUCN for building its campus in Seremban as it promises much benefit for the people of Negeri Sembilan. There will be employment opportunities, foreign currency exchange and generally a more buoyant economy for the state and the country,” he said.

IUCN will invest RM200 million in the campus and facilities. Construction of the campus will begin next month.

Mohamad said the university was targeting 5,000 students when it opened for registration in September next year.

source: BERNAMA

No selling petrol (and diesel) to non- Malaysian vehicles

May 26, 2008

In Bahasa Melayu:

Kerajaan hari ini menetapkan semua stesen minyak di sempadan Thailand dan Singapura, dilarang sama sekali menjual petrol dan diesel kepada kenderaan asing berkuat kuasa Jumaat ini.

Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad berkata, perkara itu diputuskan dalam mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Menangani Inflasi yang dipengerusikan oleh Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, di Parlimen hari ini.

Katanya, larangan itu membabitkan semua stesen minyak yang terletak dalam lingkungan 30 hingga 50 kilometer di sempadan Malaysia-Thailand membabitkan Perlis, Kedah, utara Perak dan Kelantan.

“Ia turut membabitkan beberapa daerah di Johor termasuk di Kulai dan Johor Bahru,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas mesyuarat itu di Parlimen di sini hari ini.

Shahrir berkata, arahan bertulis mengenai larangan mengikut Akta Kawalan Bekalan 1961 itu akan dikeluarkan kepada kira-kira 200 hingga 300 pemilik stesen minyak di kawasan yang telah dikenal pasti dalam masa terdekat ini.

Oleh itu kata beliau, pihaknya akan menempatkan pegawai di stesen berkenaan bagi memantau keadaan dan mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap pemilik yang ingkar.

Menurutnya, jika sabit kesalahan, mengikut akta berkenaan, syarikat terbabit boleh dikenakan denda sehingga RM250,000 atau tiga tahun penjara atau kedua-duanya, manakala individu RM100,000.

Usaha itu katanya, bagi mencegah kenderaan dari negara jiran yang terlalu banyak datang membeli petrol dan diesel subsidi di stesen-stesen minyak di sempadan.

“Saya membawa perkara ini kepada jawatankuasa inflasi dan dipersetujui,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, larangan itu akan dilaksanakan hingga pihaknya dapat menentukan sistem pengurusan subsidi yang sesuai untuk mengawal penjualan atau pembelian secara optimistik.

Katanya, usaha itu adalah langkah tegas kerajaan untuk mengurangkan ketirisan dan kebocoran subsidi supaya ia dinikmati rakyat negara ini yang berpendapatan rendah.

Bagaimanapun, bagi para pelawat atau pelancong yang datang ke negara ini katanya, mereka boleh membeli bahan api itu di stesen-stesen di luar dari kawasan larangan tersebut.

“Kenderaan asing kena datang (ke Malaysia) dengan tangki penuh, cukup hendak balik (negara mereka), tetapi kalau hendak datang melawat selepas lebih 50 kilometer, mereka boleh beli dari stesen di luar kawasan sempadan ini.

“Kalau beli di kawasan sempadan ini, kita akan suruh mereka balik dan pegawai kami akan memantau keadaan ini,” katanya.

Sementara itu, ketika mengulas cadangan Gabungan Persatuan Pengguna Malaysia (FOMCA) supaya pemberian subsidi petrol dilakukan mengikut kuasa kapasiti enjin kereta, Shahrir berkata, pihaknya turut mengambil kira cadangan itu dan sedang mengkaji mekanisme yang sesuai.

Antaranya, kata beliau, ia membabitkan latar belakang pemilik kenderaan bagi mengenal pasti mereka layak menerima subsidi berkenaan.


source: Larangan jual petrol- Dikuatkuasa ke atas kenderaan asing di stesen minyak di sempadan (utusan)

Joke : Who is rich and doesn’t donate for charity?

May 26, 2008

The staff at a local Penang Charity office realized that it had never received a donation from the town’s most successful lawyer, Karpal Singh.

The person in charge of contributions called him to persuade him to contribute. “Our research shows that out of a yearly income of at least RM500,000, you give not a penny to charity. Wouldn’t you like to give back to the community in some way?”

Karpal Singh mulled this over for a moment and replied, “First, did your
research also show that my mother is dying after a long illness, and has
medical bills that are several times her annual income?”

Embarrassed, the Penang Charity representative mumbled, “Um… No.”

“Or,” Karpal continued, “that my brother, a disabled veteran, is blind and confined to a wheelchair?”

The stricken Penang Charity representative began to stammer out an apology but was interrupted when Karpal added, “Or that my sister’s husband died in a traffic accident?” Karpal’s voice rising in indignation, “Leaving her pennyless with three children?”

The humiliated Penang Charity representative, completely beaten, said
simply, “I had no idea…”

On a roll, Karpal cut him off once again, “So if I don’t give any money to them, why should I give any to you?”