Cost Of Living Significant Increase

December 31, 2015

Responsible Malaysians make a descent living by working in a way that they can contribute to society. Irresponsible politicians talk & make unpopular moves that cause the people to suffer.

Husband should provide for the wife. He should be a leader. He should not succumb to the wife’s big fat hair. Give a man a fish, he eats it. Give a man a fishing rod, he sells it and buy the fishes from the market

One fella was walking in a world of his own made statements that he works and do so many jobs. That is odd. Does he know the difference between the word jobs and tittles? Do not drop your water face. We do not need those filthy liquids spoiling our crops.

Toll prices increased. Food price increased. Drink price increased. Land price increased. House price increased. Everything increased-LAH. But wait, world oil price reduced. Ringgit value aslo reduced. That’s weird.

We should be grateful for what we have. Malaysia still peaceful they say. Ini kali kita suffer. Esok hari kita suffer lagi. No one can change our future but ourselves. But no one say we can not vote to decide our future at the next General Election. Register. It’s our right to vote. I have my regrets but I will not settle for Nasi Lemak with NO TELOR.

tHANK you.


Politics Is Another Life Reality TV Show

June 5, 2015


It’s been awhile since I last wrote. My perspective towards Malaysian politcs also has changed.

I no longer take it by heart. Politic is drama. But the love for my country is still true.

Age changes my view about life. We got the raging vibe at youth & numb life as you grew senile.

Politics add the spice, the stress, the unnecessary burden in life. Whatever the politicians act, we still the same, even worse the impacted of their bad policies fall on us.

I don’t want to mumble much today as my time is precious. I do care about my country. I want Malaysians to live in peace & harmony. I won’t support politicians. I will support good policies & the good deeds that the people benefit.

We are rakyat. Yang Di Pertuan Agong is our figure head. The government servants work for him, not for Najib. Najib is working for us. Remember that.

Till next post. Regards.

Azmin Ali is the new MB Selangor

September 22, 2014


Pakatan Rakyat were broken into pieces over this post. Now they are glued together & so called united.
Khalid Ibrahim only wish is that the new Selangor MB can keep their words & see thru the water dam goes forward as planned.
They owe this to the people. Water is essential element to human beings. We hope this issue won’t be fucked up in the future.

General election 13

May 7, 2013

It has been couple of days now since the day of reckoning. I feel things is never going to be quite the same anymore. Mahathir’s son becoming the next MB of Kedah. We saw that coming. Nurul Izzah, daughter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. That was no shocker. Ibrahim Ali. It was his time to go. Najib won, Anwar won, Husam lost, and so on. After 22 years, Nik Aziz called it off. Who’s next for that vacant seat? Selangor, who’s going to have that MB seat now? So many things you can talk about Malaysian politics nowadays from inedible ink of SPR until Bangladesh. I gotta go to work now. My patients needs me. I am no political leader but i love all my patients and i care for them. I hope all these leaders elected can have this same feeling and passionate towards their people. I love Malaysia.


Today in KL

December 5, 2010

Hectic In Kuala Lumpur: Anwar’s Pakatan Rakyat Road Terrors

December 5, 2010

Rebellious supporters of Anwar Ibrahim flooded the city today. It’s believed that the havoc started from Masjid Negara that caused major traffic jams. More people occupying the roads than the cars itselves. Cvilized citizens were trapped in long hours of traffic jams due to  opposition alliance rebellious action. Police should take stern action against the head of their nature. Family Sunday-day-out were interrupted. Inconvenience to the public, the mosque has become their customs. There were no permit, illegal assembly.

Fuel price of Ron95 had been increase in relation to increase oil prices in the global market. To be not bias, TodayMalaysia.wordpress hope that the government will look into the matter and make a win-win changes simply because people are just not happy to get stuck in the long hours of traffic jam.

Double Face Anwar

July 1, 2010

He is not a Minister, he is not a UN member, he is not a businessman.

Why the hell is he in the States? Fighting for gay rights?

Visitting friends? Oh sure, you can be friended jews and pro- israel terrorists but you can’t be friended with your own race counterparts?

Anwar Ibrahim is nobody and yet he can fly across continents, hire expensives lawyers and lawbreakers, friends with jews and “touch-N-go” with what’s his name.

His friend Raja Petra is somewhere not in Malaysia taking refugee, if you are right why be afraid? If you making stuff up, then yeah.. no wonder you’re running away leaving no trace.

Saiful said Anwar fucked him, Anwar said no, no, no i didn’t fucked him, no, no, no!

Anwar Ibrahim is a complete package: Straight, gay, in front, in the ass, jews friendly, usa friendly, malaysian governent non-friendly, imam, father, sodomizer, ex-con, self poisoned with arsenic in prison, if Malaysia is in a financial crisis IMF is not his last resort.. it’s his first choice! His only choice.

He wants to bring down the country to bring himself up. He wants, he always wanted to be the prime minister. We all know that. We know, when you want something really bad, you’ll do everything to get it.

That’s what Anwar Ibrahim’s doing. While he’s doing that, collateral damage is everywhere. The riots, Malays are divided into groups, Chinese are divided into groups, Indians are divided into groups and these shameful events happen when we wanted unity so bad.

Anwar Ibrahim is a bad seed. A smart one tho. DON’T LET HIM FOOL YOU! Anwar Ibrahim, that sneaky double face man…

It’s hot in here, must be summer!

June 13, 2010

It’s a peaceful country we live in, ain’t it? So hot, it’s literally summer all year long. Well, until some of us complain that it is too hot, and the rain comes and never stop, and flood everywhere being the highlights in the local news. I had enough of expressing negative words to the world. Why don’t we all just live happy, treat people nicely and others will treat you nicely in return believe it or not.

McDonald’s sponsoring World Cup 2010, and Coca- cola too. I don’t think we want to ban world cup, am I wrong? Hurm… So how can we show our efforts to help the helpless Palestinians?

I pray and hope for peace not only for my own country but also for all mankind. We can spread the word pro- peace for Gaza instead of anti- Israel. The more rage we show, the more it benefits the oppositions. They can say we are terrorists, because we did terrorized the facilities along the roads where we strikes to express our anger in much passion.

Send peace core, funds, food and lotsa love. We pro- peace, pro to bring down Israel. We bring them to court. To justice. We’ll use the system, the new world order? We’ll see how the system they built try to bring them down. That will be fun to watch.

Reaction towards Datuk T.Murugiah over compulsory public service for doctors

January 27, 2010

Govt may extend compulsory public service for doctors

PUTRAJAYA: The Government proposes to extend the compulsory public service for doctors to five or 10 years from the current three to overcome the annual shortage of doctors in its hospitals, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator Datuk T. Murugiah said Wednesday.

“Doctors should not only think about profit. They also have to think about the country’s interests — your contribution to the country,” he said.

taken from theStar

Datuk T. Murugiah is proposing a proposal which could see more doctors flying and migrating away from Malaysia. Imagine all the hard working hours and over(when i say over, it means too much) times and ridiculous treatment by the senior doctors.

Instead saying something which could make you win another term in the government office and lose more doctors to private sectors and to other countries (who pay and treat them better), why don’t you start to contribute to the country instead of chasing the big bucks for yourself!

You know the problem. Don’t solve a problem by making more problems. I give you a hint. We are humans, and humans love 3 things.

1. Money, 2. Sexual partner, 3. High positions

I ask you Datuk T. Murugiah. Would you sacrifice your position now and work long hours like any other labour? Would you want to spend less time with your wife(or affairs?) and family than it already is to work the job that giving you emotional stress and spending too much time with other strangers loved ones than your own? Would you settle for the Ringgits that you have right now, or would you run towards the windows which are always open for a better life not just for you, but also for your family.

Laws are meant to be broken, T. Murugiah. If this door closed, there are always other ones opened. It’s your move, just make sure you dont ‘check-mate’ at the wrong decision.

Please think of other proposals, pick the one that is best for all, not just for you to save you another term in that office of yours, okay?

Malaysia don’t have many doctors? You may lose more!

Love trumps hate

January 24, 2010

We weren’t born to hate each other. We came out of love, searching for love. It’s a beautiful thing.

“Senyuman mu penuh dengan keikhlasan,

Kain putih yang mewarnai kehidupan kami semua.”

You were a bless from God my dear.. We’ll always miss you.

Al- fatihah